China plans manned moon mission

Nearly 40 years after humans last set foot on the moon, China has announced formal plans to develop a return mission. The most striking part of this announcement is not that they want to go back, but that they plan to do it by developing their own technology and support systems, essentially recreating a half century of NASA’s achievements by themselves.

And all this while the U.S. still has no vessel of its own to get people to space. Will this be the sign of a shift in space power? Or a call to arms to get our manned space program back on track to lead?

(via The Guardian, above: Chinese character for “moon” along with artist’s interpretations)


Happy Birthday NASA!

Fifty-three years ago today, on October 1st, 1958; NASA became an operational and fully functioning governmental administration. 


Guess the celestial body!

Can you tell which one is Mercury and which one is our Moon just by looking at the images above?

Answer below. We´ll tell you later.


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by Randy Otter

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Super Moon on March 19, 2011

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