Hey guys!  DC has some exciting news to tell all of our creative & talented followers.

YOU can be $1,000 richer, by doing what you love. Rebrand for a Grand, sponsored by Qualifyor, a digital agency (also my internship)is a contest for designers, illustrators, artists, drawers, etc to redesign a well-known or popular logo. 

The best redesigned logo will have a grand prize of $1,000, not to mention recognition, an amazing addition to your personal portfolio & other exciting opportunities.

Sign up now here at to register for the contest (when asked for referral, check the box with the name Demi)

Once you register, you’ll be able to submit your redesigned logo! Good luck everyone and have fun with this! 

If you guys have any questions, feel free to message us.

$1,000 Grand Prize. Register now guys!


Design Inspiration:

the sketchbook project
is a seriously cool idea, currently housed in the brooklyn art library on north 3rd street in williamsburg. to participate, entrants pay $25 to receive a sketchbook and a category under which their book will be categorized. once their book is completed, it will be among the thousands exhibited, touring the world. for the rest of us, a visit to the shop and a couple hours flipping through various artist’s insights can transport us between countries and minds.

(Source: thissicknesss)